Help us to create forests in Andalusia

Until spring of 2021, we will sow hundreds of thousands of seeds to establish 20,000 new plants in the Sierra Lujar (Granada, Andalucía).

For every 8 € of contribution we will give one tree/shrubs from you to this mountain of Andalusia

In the autumn of 2020 we have already sown over 10,000 seeds.

And they have started to germinate!


The project to restore Sierra Lujar is not only aimed at planting trees or shrubs. Our methodology, sowing seeds, using techniques not yet developed in Spain, and incorporating mycorrhizal spores, needs visibility in its results so that other organisations can use it. In this way, the project includes the documentation and publication of the results.

The cost forecast for this year is € 8 per tree or shrub. Next year, we want to expand the project to 100,000 trees, and the costs will be reduced to € 5 per plant. In a few years, we hope to be able to reduce costs to € 3 by sowing manually and to € 0.5 by sowing with drones. We want to make every euro profitable to create forests.

You can also find us and collaborate in our projects through:

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CURSO “entiende tus semillas”

This is our first online course dedicated to improving the understanding of germination processes, types of seeds, genetics, latencies and priming treatments. Aimed at farmers, reforesters, permaculturists, nurserymen, etc …

50% of the income from the course will go towards sowing trees for the Sierra Lujar project, in Andalusia.

The other 50% will be invested in the Aguabosque permaculture project (Alpujarra, Granada), to create dryland food forests.

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You can also collaborate with the financing of the Sierra Lujar project through the online platform of Tree-nation.

Tree-nation is an NGO that is dedicated to facilitating the funding of reforestation projects around the world, while offering a friendly virtual environment to the users of its platform.

You can find our project at