Semillistas Association (Seeders association)

About us

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We are a non-profit association dedicated to forest restoration using methods of seeding rather than the traditional tree planting method.

We live in Andalucia where the desertification process is developping at great speed. In this semi-arid enironment we have developed a method of forest restauration that tries to imitate natural regeneration processes. When the seeds sprout and grow directly in the hills the roots develope naturally and grows deep into the ground what is essential in the mediterranean climate.

Our research is done in our laboratories in The Alpujarra (Andalucia, Spain). The rich biodiversity present in the Sierra Nevada proides us with an enormous variety of seeds, hundreds of species. We search for the right treatment for each specie so that it can germinate with a single rain. This is the first laboratory in Spain experimenting in combining different seeding technologies: priming, pelleting and mycorrhizae.

We wish to offer this technology to the world both in forestry and agriculture. We do not believe in trade secrets. We believe in cooperation. We are developping this technology so that it can be apply by the small organizations in each area who knows the terrain, loves and respect it. Each small spot contributing to create an impact in greening the planet.

With the aim to accomplish this we prepare online and face-to-face training as well as looking for funds to cover the costs of the process freeing our time to dedicate fullest time in sharing our experience on the internet.

Entiende tus semillas
Online training developed together with Aguabosque Asoc.

We started in 2018 and since then the initiatives and collaborations have grown, so that currently within Semillistas there are two great projects: Dronecoria and Siembrabosques, two parallel and complementary ways of working the integral regeneration of our lands and communities. Using mind, heart and hands to serve the Earth and the beings that inhabit it.

In the year 2020, 20,000 native seeds were sown in 6 different areas. The local population was invited to collaborate as volunteers during the harvesting and the sowing days.

If you want to read our Annual Report 2020 you can download it here Annual Report 2020.

Despite the unfortunate socio-economic and environmental state on a global scale, the understanding of human development processes (especially in children) inspires confidence that humanity as a whole will find ways out of this quagmire. We are convinced that the greening of our hearts and of our mountains will run parallel.