Semillistas Association (Seeders association)

About us

We are a non-profit association dedicated to forest restoration using methods of seeding rather than the traditional tree planting method.

We live in Andalucia where the desertification process is developping at great speed. In this semi-arid enironment we have developed a method of forest restauration that tries to imitate natural regeneration processes. When the seeds sprout and grow directly in the hills the roots develope naturally and grows deep into the ground what is essential in the mediterranean climate.

Our research is done in our laboratories in The Alpujarra (Andalucia, Spain). The rich biodiversity present in the Sierra Nevada proides us with an enormous variety of seeds, hundreds of species. We search for the right treatment for each specie so that it can germinate with a single rain. This is the first laboratory in Spain experimenting in combining different seeding technologies: priming, pelleting and mycorrhizae.

We wish to offer this technology to the world both in forestry and agriculture. We do not believe in trade secrets. We believe in cooperation. We are developping this technology so that it can be apply by the small organizations in each area who knows the terrain, loves and respect it. Each small spot contributing to create an impact in greening the planet.

Entiende tus semillas

With the aim to accomplish this we prepare online and face-to-face training as well as looking for funds to cover the costs of the process freeing our time to dedicate fullest time in sharing our experience on the internet.

Despite the unfortunate socio-economic and environmental state on a global scale, the understanding of human development processes (especially in children) inspires confidence that humanity as a whole will find ways out of this quagmire. We are convinced that the greening of our hearts and of our mountains will run parallel.

Our contributors


We are part of the team that Dronecoria coordinates to make aerial forestry seeding possible with the use of drones.

The massive restoration of our forests with drones, using many different species, is one of the ways out we see for the urgent task of mitigating climate change.

We wish that this technology not remain as an industrials secret. We are preparing it in open source mode so that any organization can replicate it in its own ecosystem.

In the spring of 2020 we obtained funding for our research through crowdfunding.

Dronecoria and Semillistas are developing restoration projects together, as well as offering training on our revolutionary way of restoring forests.

Christine Fischer

Christine is an US researcher who works at the Center for Forest Experimentation of Catalonia (Spain). One of her expertise is mycorrhizae. Her academic and material support (in the form of spores) is essential to integrate the symbiosis between plants and mycorrhizal fungi in our methodology.


The Aguabosque association develops a permaculture project in Lanjarón (Alpujarra de granada, Spain). They carry a research into ways to make forests edible with the least possible water.

In close cooperation with them we have developped an online training called “Entiende tus semillas” (“Understand your seeds”), in which we aim at answering the questions that farmers usually hae about genetics, type of seeds, germination processes, priming and latencies of wild seeds.

Asociación Senda Nativa

Senda Nativa, in its Barranc del Sinc project (Serra Mariola, Alacant) is dedicated to integrating human life forms with all beings.Especially, he pays attention to the depth of the question of what we humans are, as a starting point to reach the inner paradise, which leads us to that outer paradise which is a green nature.

They offer their forest land for restoration, as well as providing logistical, moral and spiritual support.

Asociación Segovia por el Clima

Segovia por el Clima is a citizen association committed to generating a change in society in its immediate surroundings, through education and awareness of the climate, environmental and social crisis that we have been suffering for decades.

Together, Segovia por el Clima, Dronecoria and Semillistas are preparing a restoration project in the mountains of the province of Segovia for spring 2022.

Ayuntamiento de Pitres

The munucipality of Pitres (Alpujarra de Granada, Spain) provides the premises for the association to carry out the laboratory research. It is thanks to their colaboration that today there exists in Pitres the first center in Spain for the development of priming treatments for Mediterranean wild species.

Ayuntamiento de Órgiva

logo ayto orgiva

The municipality of Orgiva owns some 4000 ha of forested land within Granada (Andalusia) called Sierra Lújar. We hae come to an agreement with the council to start the fall of 2020 to sow a few hundred of thousands of seeds.

We are very greatful to the council for its promptness to understand the inmense benefits for the Orgiva environment to have reforested land. The passion and knowledge that the council team shows in their actions is not often found in the world of politics. Their attitude towards the project has been essential for the development of the project.