Ayuntamiento de Órgiva

The municipality of Orgiva owns some 4000 ha of forested land within Granada (Andalusia) called Sierra Lújar. We have come to an agreement with the council to start the fall of 2020 to sow a few hundred of thousands of seeds.

We are very greatful to the environment council for its promptness to understand the inmense benefits for the Orgiva environment to have reforested land. The passion and knowledge that the council team shows in their actions is not often found in the world of politics. Their attitude towards the project has been essential for the project development.

Fundación Tierra Pura

It ‘s a foundation born with the purpose of helping in the search for funding for different reforestation projects in Spain, as well as wanting to establish a standard or ethical code of on how to carry out quality reforestation, so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Semillistas was selected by the foundation among the organizations that can provide impact in forest restoration, due to the research we carry out and the Sierra Lújar project.

Sunseed Desert Technology

British NGO based in Almería, dedicated since 1987 to research and education in reforestation and technologies in arid zones. Today it also continues its work as a non-formal education centre for the transition to sustainability.

During the winter of 2020, Sunseed collaborated in the development of a field planting experiment of various native species using the Seedling methodology.


The Aguabosque association develops a permaculture project in Lanjarón (Alpujarra de Granada, Spain). They carry a research into ways to make edible forests garderns with the least possible water.

We have developped an online training called “Entiende tus semillas” (“Understand your seeds”), in collaboration with them. In this course we aim at answering the questions that gardeners usually have about genetics, type of seeds, germination processes, priming and latencies of wild seeds.

Asociación Senda Nativa

Senda Nativa, in its project in Barranc del Sinc (Serra Mariola, Alacant) is dedicated to the integration of human life forms with all beings. Especially, it focuses on addressing the depth of the question of what we human beings are, as a starting point to reach the inner paradise, which will lead us to the outer paradise that is a greened nature.

It lends its forest land for restoration, as well as logistical, emotional and spiritual support.

Terra Formation

Hawaii-based organization dedicated to create working methodologies that facilitate large-scale reforestation. Their open source work ties in with the purpose of Semillistas, and we are building a close collaboration to benefit from the strengths of each organization.


Association dedicated to reforestation in the town of Órgiva. It has been planting trees for more than 10 years and joins this experience to the new methods of reforestation of the Semillistas Association.

Katsu Takida

Mr. Takida, a lover of the Alpujarra, lends to the Association the premises where we have installed the forest seed laboratory. Thanks to his collaboration, Pitres is now the first centre in Spain to develop priming treatments for wild Mediterranean species.

Christine Fischer

Christine is a researcher from the USA working at the Centre de Ciència i Tecnologia Forestal de Catalunya, with broad experience in mycorrhizae. Her academic support and the material she provides us with, spores, are fundamental to integrate the symbiosis between plants and mycorrhizal fungi in our methodology.

Experts in diverse fields

Our project does not go unnoticed. There are many experts in biology, chemistry, software, ecology, etc., who, with all their passion, accept the challenges of our research process, solve our most intricate doubts or develop the technology needed to, together, build the promise of a better world.