Siembrabosques is a project that was born within Semillistas, as a result of the first sowing campaign in 2020.

After this and with the incorporation of new team members, a new project was dreamed up: “Taking care of people at the same time as we take care of the land”.

Thus was born in January 2021 Siembrabosques, a project of integrated regeneration of Sierra Lújar and its human community.

With a multidisciplinary team of: permaculturists, educators, computer scientists, artists, ecologists, social workers and therapists, with ecological and humanistic concerns; who join the Sierra Lujar Reforestation project, with a broader and more inclusive community vision.

With the motivation to regenerate and care for the health of the land and the human community that inhabits it. To increase resilience in the forest and in the social web. To offer local volunteers who participate in reforestation activities an appropriate context to care for their health.

For 2021 we plan to:

  • 25,000 trees and shrubs established
  • 50 hectares reforested
  • 300,000 seeds planted
  • 18 native species
  • 3 months of planting
  • 200 volunteers
  • 60 therapies for volunteers and the local community
  • 2 technology development projects
  • 10 talks and workshops open to everybody

Future vision….

By 2022 we expect to strengthen local volunteering. To welcome long-term foreign volunteers for planting campaigns. Extend the Sierra Lujar regeneration area. Plant one million seeds. Deepen community work (talks, workshops, therapies and more).

In 2026 we envision to have reforested 1,000 hectares of Sierra Lujar, to have an active community that generates social and economic initiatives, …., to have a large group of volunteers, to have promoted greater health and well-being of the population. Sharing good practices with other projects.

For more information about Siembrabosques visit their landing page and soon the full website.

If you want to keep updated and to take part in activities and events, you can check our calendar or write to us at: